Project Level Services

At Project level, the key issue, obviously, is getting the job done. This requires that the firm has a robust set of internal information management standards. It also requires that the firm’s people – project managers and information managers – can engage effectively with partner firms with different standards and different levels of BIM capability.

Our objectives will be to help the firm to recruit and develop competent people, technically well-informed, outward looking, forward looking, but with a strong focus on project delivery under today’s circumstances. (Immature BIM standards, emerging technologies, inconsistent levels of capability etc.) It is important to ensure that project teams’ experience is captured methodically and reviewed regularly, to maintain the highest levels of best practice. It is also important that experience from the work-face is available as input to executive and board level thinking and decision making.

Our approach includes assistance in the preparation of corporate standards and project BIM Execution Plans covering:

• Data standards: formats, naming, management
• Information interchange protocols and processes
• Collaboration; technical, administrative and commercial aspects

Our principal methods include seminars, workshops, training and direct, hands-on support in BIM implementation.