Document Management

TDMFunctionalityC3 TDM Functionality

Need a good technical document management tool? Try the C3 TDMĀ© system. Probably the best full function document control system in the AEC market-place.

  • Designed specifically around the requirements of construction project document controllers for audit, transparency and responsiveness.
  • Run it locally or as a web service.
  • Integrate with AutoCADĀ®, so that drawing files and read-only versions – plot files, for example – are both generated automatically, ensuring consistent formatting, numbering and naming.
  • Put as much discipline on document quality standards as you wish: presentation, legibility, formats, naming, rev. notes, etc.
  • Manage your documents accurately and transparently throughout your production, distribution and revision processes.
  • Manage meta-documents – drawing issues, instructions, or just notifications – as an integral part of the overall process.
  • Integrate document control with cost control and change management functions: RFIs, change requests, change orders, instructions, etc.

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