We currently supply two pieces of software: C3 TDM©, probably the best pure technical document control system available, and C3 Insight©, our Production Management system, a reworking of the fundamentals of project management which will dramatically improve the predictability of major projects.

Our work in developing software for managing projects is guided by three key principles:
First, we focus on business fundamentals, particularly on the data required to support those fundamental processes: what is the key data generated by projects, and what do project teams really need to be able to do with that data? Try not to get sucked into the technology before you really understand the information side of things. Let the information part lead your thinking; the technology can always catch up.

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Secondly, we focus on openness and sharing information. Not just to be nice and politically correct, but because open, shared information systems make organisations more efficient; and it is our aim to make the entire project organisation more efficient. When people have to spend time defending their personal and corporate hoards of information they are wasting time, energy and goodwill. But to be worthwhile and usefully open, information must be properly specified so that everyone knows exactly what it means. It must be accurate and up to date, and it must be verifiable; that is, it must be easy to challenge and test.

Thirdly, we don’t pretend that our systems can be all things to all men. They embody our particular view of best practice in each of the areas that they address, at the point in time at which they are designed. We are experts in the fields for which we design systems; our customers expect no less. Best practice evolves however, it becomes more refined and more resilient over time and through implementation and testing. Good systems must be able to cope with this sort of on-going development; ours are.