Case Studies

The following case summaries give an indication of the range of projects and project related work we have been involved with. The common theme has been the focus on enabling the many, varied organisations involved in modern projects to create and share project information intelligently and effectively. This work has involved very close liaison, in the form of detailed discussions, seminars and workshops, at senior and operations levels, with scores of the most important consulting and contracting firms in the industry.

URS / Scott Wilson

The American URS Corporation acquired UK-based global engineering services company Scott Wilson in 2010. C3 carried out a detailed appraisal and assisted in the rationalisation of the two companies’ project controls and governance processes and procedures.

BT Global Services

C3 worked with BT Global Services in the development of marketing strategies for their Construction and Property division. Our general contribution was based on our expertise at the interface between Construction and Information Systems. A specific challenge was to identify how construction will take advantage of Service Oriented Architectures and related technologies over the next four to six years. A very interesting issue both for users and supplier companies.

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The Building Centre Trust

C3 worked with the Building Centre Trust in investigating the requirements of teams seeking to promote collaborative approaches and technologies on construction projects. Our Framework for Design Management was used by the Trust as the operational basis of their Project Information Exchange (PIX) Protocol.

Her Majesty’s Prison Service

HMPS / NOMS operates over a hundred and twenty prisons in England and Wales and spends upwards of £400M on a wide variety of construction projects at these establishments every year.

NOMS needed to bring up to date its methods for dealing with the huge volumes of technical documentation relating to these buildings. It was important to consider the entire life cycle of the various types of documents, both during the active project phases and over the longer term as built or archive records.

C3 helped the NOMS team to analyse their requirements, to specify the services necessary to meet these requirements, and to procure and mobilise an external, web based, application service provider to deliver the comprehensive project document control and archive service required. To complement this initiative we also helped NOMS to develop a full suite of up to date standards and procedures for the creation and management of their CAD and other forms of technical documentation.

Costain Limited, Project Management Systems Review

We conducted a detailed critical study of the project management systems and methods used by the oil and gas subsidiary of this major construction firm.

Heery International / Sun Microsystems, UK Headquarters; £200M

On this project we set up and ran one of the earliest project extranets in the UK. We developed and negotiated the implementation of a complete set of document control procedures and protocols with Heery, the consulting team and the principal contractors. These included all technical document format standards, document numbering and file naming conventions, distribution and approval procedures and storage and distribution processes.

All of the technical documents on the project were issued, reviewed and approved, and distributed using the C3 TDM system. All e-mail and most correspondence distribution and storage were carried out using the extranet. This included the need to accommodate both Sun Unix Solaris and Microsoft technology standards. The extranet was regarded as a resounding success by all of the firms involved in the project.

Ardmore Construction: IT Strategy Review and Recommendations

We carried out an IT and project controls review and survey for this up and coming contractor and provided a strategic plan for the development and future use of systems in the company.

Mace / GlaxoSmithkline UK, Global Headquarters, Brentford, London; £300M

As with the Sun Microsystems project, we set up and ran a comprehensive project extranet. We developed a complete, project-specific set of IT and CAD standards for use by all consultants and contractors on the project, including firms in a number of overseas locations. We connected all these firms to the network, trained their staff and managed the service for them on an on-going basis. We also managed the handover of the system and the 180,000 documents it contained to GSK facilities management personnel at the end of the project.

It was a very good decision to utilise an electronic document control system for GSK house and C3 Systems was an excellent choice for a systems partner. The C3 TDM system made a significant contribution to the successful management of the GSK House project.

Richard Thorpe, Mace Construction Director, GSK House.
Capital Projects Consultancy / Lion Plaza, City Office Building; £180M

In addition to the other extranet services as provided to Heery and Mace, we set up and hosted the TDM and e-mail services for this complicated project in the City. Many operational and logistical problems were overcome to deliver the service to this project.